Music & Motivation, Volume 1

Songs & Messages to Lift the Spirit

Music and Motivation

Singer/Songwriter Rubyanna began her musical career at the age of 15. Motivated by an inspirational uncle, Rubyanna began performing as a vocalist, rising to finalist of the Mid-Michigan Idol competition. With the early influences of rap, R and B, and hip hop, Rubyanna’s personal style developed in her music as she embraced the acoustic guitar and began writing her own songs.

Now an accomplished artist, her music is best described as motivational. Her powerful lyrics come from stories of her personal life, including her experience as a sexual abuse survivor.

“I hope to share my experiences with as many people as possible through my music. In doing so, I know I can help each person reach the strengh they possess inside.”

In the Music & Motivation audio series, Deb Cottle combines her motivation talks with inspiring music performed by Rubyanna in Volume 1, these artists are chosen specifically for the enriching value of their work.

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Steve Marche Torme

Steve Marche Torme

Finished listening to the CD and you guys did a great job!

Very inspirational and I’m sure will be very helpful to people who are in the situation Rubyanna was in.

I especially liked Take A Chance, Think for Yourself and of course In Search of Me.

Jamie, Stan and Lon really helped make your project come to fruition and I think your narration tied it all together perfectly.

Great job!
Steve Marche Torme


  1. angelita tucker

    rubess that is soo cool the vido looks great! i am so glad you followed your dreams and i am glad you met such great people to help you to get there with out haveing to change who you are love ya cuz


  2. Barbara Adams

    Ruby I dont know if you will remember me,,Ashley and Levi’s Adams mom, but I remember you, that bubbly, smilely, athletic little girl that use to live in town here. Your voice is amazing, and you are so beautiful girl..Good luck with your singing career…and dont forget us Micheganders…lol

    1. Deb Cottle

      Thanks for the well wishes for Rubyanna! Indeed she is a very talented young lady. Ruby is now back in Michigan, and has a Facebook page. I’m sure she would love to hear from you!

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